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Innovative approaches for the provision of environmental and social benefits from agriculture and forestry – Steps 1-2 case study results - PEGASUS Deliverable 4.2
This discussion paper presents the main results and insights gained from the 34 PEGASUS broad and shallow case studies ("Steps 1-2"). It also presents our final selection of in-depth case studies as well as the main analytical questions to be explored in the subsequent steps ("Steps 3 and 4").


Case study reports - Steps 1 and 2 - PEGASUS Deliverable 4.1
This report compiles the reports of 34 case studies in ten different EU countries. In "Steps 1 and 2" of the case study work, the PEGASUS teams carried out analyses of issues and successful initiatives associated with the delivery of environmental and social benefits by agriculture and forestry across a wide range of broad and shallow case studies.


Database and classification system of different types of Public Goods and Ecosystem Services in relation to farming/forestry systems - PEGASUS Deliverable 2.2
This deliverable represents a further step towards the integrated analysis of agriculture and forestry management systems and the delivery of public goods and ecosystem services. It includes a schematic review of available information (indicators, proxies) available to map those goods and services that characterise the provision of 'Environmentally and Socially Beneficial Outcomes' identified in PEGASUS.


Socio-political, economic and institutional drivers. A cross-country comparative analysis. Synthesis Report - PEGASUS Deliverable 3.3
This synthesis report investigates a range of drivers and factors that have an influence on the provision and delivery of "environmentally and socially beneficial outcomes" (ESBOs) and identifies the types of policy instruments that appear to be setting the necessary conditions to stimulate action by farmers and foresters in relation to ESBO provision, in different agricultural and forestry contexts.
Ten country reports on socio-political, economic and institutional drivers - PEGASUS Deliverable 3.1
This document presents the results of analyses carried out in the ten PEGASUS case study countries of market, socio-political and institutional drivers for Public Goods (PG) and Ecosystem Services (ES) provision by EU agriculture and forestry.
Review of approaches and datasets to categorise and map Public Goods and Ecosystem Services at EU level - PEGASUS Deliverable 2.1
This report presents a review of relevant datasets and approaches available at EU level to categorise and map ecosystem services and public goods. It is the first step in the process to analyse the patterns and trends of their occurrence in relation to the diversity of EU farming and forestry systems across Europe.
D1.2 - PEGASUS the conceptual framework
The conceptual framework - PEGASUS Deliverable 1.2
This reports describes the conceptual framework of PEGASUS, introducing notably the social-ecological system framework and the list and definition of the "environmentally and socially beneficial outcomes" of relevance to the project.
Initial report on review of theories and concepts - PEGASUS Deliverable 1.1
This paper provides an approach to serve as a conceptual framework for the PEGASUS project. It reviews the theoretical context, examining the different understandings of public goods and ecosystem services from agriculture and forestry in the scientific and policy literature; bringing them into the more holistic frame of social-ecological systems and using insights from these different understandings to identify key issues, analytical concepts and processes to guide PEGASUS.
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Leaflet ENG
The PEGASUS leaflet describes the project aims, objectives and intended outcomes. The leaflet is available in print and online in English, French and German.
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Leaflet FR
Le dépliant décrit les intentions du projet, ses objectifs et les résultats attendus. Le dépliant est disponible en versions imprimée et électronique en français, anglais et allemand.
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Leaflet DE
Die PEGASUS Broschüre beschreibt die Projektziele und erwarteten Ergebnisse. Die Broschüre ist auf deutsch, englisch, und französisch online und in gedruckter Form erhaltbar.
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The PEGASUS project - Strategy paper
The PEGASUS strategy paper describes the context and the issues this project aims to tackle, its intentions/goals and the various phases that will lead us to achieving our objectives. This document has been produced to support communication about the project to a wide range of stakeholders.
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Leaflet CZ
The PEGASUS leaflet describes the project aims, objectives and intended outcomes. The leaflet is available in this version in Czech.
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Leaflet PT
The PEGASUS leaflet describes the project aims, objectives and intended outcomes. The leaflet is available in this version in Portuguese.
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Leaflet SI
The PEGASUS leaflet describes the project aims, objectives and intended outcomes. The leaflet is available in this version in Slovenian.
Task 1.3
PEGASUS WP1 - Note Task 1.3
This note is the output of Task 1.3 under WP1 of the PEGASUS project. The objective of Task 1.3 is to review the methods and approaches to 'valorise' and support public goods and ecosystem services provision by farming and forestry in the EU.


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Presentations from PEGASUS events will be added throughout the project.


NL-3 interview
PEGASUS case study interview in the Netherlands  
This video clip takes you through the issues and solutions to local landscape management introduced by local actors involved in nature management and regional planning in Drenthe region in the Netherlands. One example of many great initiatives investigated in PEGASUS!

Case study material

PEGASUS case studies in the Czech Republic
Poster on the PEGASUS case studies in Czech Republic 
This poster was prepared and presented by Klára Čámská and Jaroslav Pražan from the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (ÚZEI) in Czech Republic at the 10th European conference on ecological restoration in Freising, Germany in August 2016.

Policy briefings

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Policy briefings prepared based on the PEGASUS project findings will be added as they are produced.