Welcome to PEGASUS!

PEGASUS is a European research project aiming to develop innovative approaches and new ways of thinking
about the way farmland and forests are managed in order to stimulate a long-lasting improvement in the
provision of public goods and ecosystem services from agricultural and forest land in the EU.



EU’s agricultural and forestry land provides a wide range of public goods and ecosystem services on which society depends, yet land use decisions and society often under-value these. PEGASUS will develop innovative and practical ways of making public goods and ecosystem services concepts accessible and operational: it will identify how, where and when cost-effective mechanisms and tools for policy, business and practice can most effectively be applied, increasing the sustainability of primary production in pursuit of the EU2020 vision of ’smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’.

Project objectives

Recognising that the appreciation of public goods and ecosystem services is context-dependent,
PEGASUS uses social-ecological systems as an analytical framework to explore systemic inter-dependencies among natural, social and economic processes. It will adopt participatory action research with public and private actors and stakeholders to better understand the range of policy and practical challenges in different case study contexts (localities, sectors, management systems, etc.). Throughout the project, we want to encourage a wide range of stakeholders – land managers, rural stakeholders and policy makers at local, regional, national and EU level – to get involved and share their ideas. An EU-level spatially explicit assessment of causalities between socio-political and institutional drivers, different land management systems and multiple delivery of public goods and ecosystem services will be complemented by fine-grained analysis within the case studies, and comparative meta-analysis will be applied to develop an operational framework for mapping, valorising and determining what public goods and ecosystem services provision is needed and feasible within particular territories and sectors. New data-sets, transferable methods and tools that are fit-for-purpose and sensitive to the plurality of decision-making contexts will be generated.

By improving recognition of the social and economic value of public goods and ecosystem services, PEGASUS will promote improved and innovative approaches to their provision by businesses and communities, and highlight specific policy improvements to secure their delivery also in the longer term. The project will provide specific advances in CAP, forestry and other relevant policies, underpinned by strong scientific evidence. 

See also our PEGASUS - Strategy paper.

Intended impacts


...of the importance and feasibility of integrating environmental and social, alongside economic considerations within land management decisions.

Practical tools

...to enable farmers, foresters and others involved in managing rural land or along the supply chain to make decisions about how land can be managed sustainably in the long term.

Policy recommendations

...on new options for policy design to support and guide regional, national and EU decisions relating to the sustainable use of agriculture and forest land in the EU into the future.